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The 2017 Song- A Year in Review La La Land Parody
✷ ✷ ✷ Tessa Netting here with my 2017 Year In Review Song! ⬇ LYRICS + MORE BELOW ⬇

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✷ ✷ ✷ LYRICS ✷ ✷ ✷
Shoutout to Joe Moses for writing this parody with me! We write it together every year :)

(All those ba ba bums)

I think about this year
It didn’t get much better
But thank god women are here
It’s 2017, we should be free to speak the truth
So we’ll do what we have to do
I know #MeToo

Summer: Sunday nights
We’d watch some Game of Thrones
With Despacito at its height
Imaginary worlds rebooting back onto the screen
The Babadook became a queen
And don’t forget the memes

We never learn, it’s such a shame
Earthquake, fire, hurricane
Change the law, this is insane
Just take a knee

The Paul bros, Poppy, Pewdiepie
Adpocalypse, I wanna cry
It’s a parody please don’t demonetize me

Smash or pass on 2017
I’m thinking it’s a pass for me
The doomsday clock ticks down
I’m watching from the ground
How’s Bitcoin doing now?
And it’s another year that’s done

He’s tweeting everyday
With travel bans and Trumpcare
Will he ever go away?
Crack a cold with the boys and don’t forget to spill the tea
I want my Net Neutrality
And FOX is now Disney

And even when my money’s low
I’ll buy some avocado toast
My iPhone 10 and streaming shows are all I need
I’m sorry the old Taylor’s dead
But BTS is here instead
I’ve got some Szechuan Sauce so Pickle Rick can go

For those we lost in 2017
We’re thankful for the light they shined
And when we’re feeling down
We’ll raise our voices loud
And rise up from the ground
And it’s another year that’s done


If this year let you down
Make next year really count

It’s another year that’s done
It’s another year that’s done
It’s another year that’s done
It’s another year that’s done
Just another year that’s done
It’s another year that’s done
Another year has just begun
It’s another year that’s done


It’s another year that’s done

Sorry, no, there’s a mistake
Moonlight, you guys won best picture

And all was well.


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