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[Overwatch Parody Song] - SAUSAGE!
A parody of the ‘Eggs Bacon Grits SAUSAGE’ rap! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrI94OIJ67M

Keep in mind, we created this parody before Blizzard announced Doomfist, Orisa, and Moira, so that is the reason they are not in this parody.

This was so fun to put together! Oolay-Tiger and I had this idea together and did our best to make it a reality. Most of the voices we are attempting for the very first time.

All Female Voices - (Oolay-Tiger)

All male voices: DryeGuy

Song arrangement: @mcmangos

Lyrics under the cut:

Lucio: “Alright guys, let’s go and break it down! Eggs, bacon, grits, sausage!”
Tracer: “I’ll zip through time just to get that sausage”
Soldier 76: “I’m an old man, but I’ll still take the sausage”
Reaper: “I’m a dead man, but I’ll take Jack’s sausage.”
McCree: “I got more than a six-shootn’ sausage”
D.Va: “Thanks for the love, but I want some sausage”
Zarya: “Don’t come near me or I’ll break your sausage”
Torbjorn: “I love my turrets, but I still like sausage”
Winston: “I love peanut butter, but I want some sausage”
Sombra: “I don’t need to hack you to get that sausage”
Hanzo: “I’d kill my brother for a piece of sausage.”
Genji: -gross sobbing noises- “slice that sausage"
Mercy: “Heroes never die from eating sausage”
Pharah: “Making it rain to blow up that sausage”
Mei: “I’ve been frozen for years and I’m craving sausage.”
Ana: “Even old Moms love to take that sausage”
Reinhart: “I CONCUR, now take Grandpa’s sausage”
Symmetra: “Teleporter online coming for your sausage”
Junkrat: “I’m a dirty boy, but I’ll still take the sausage”
Widowmaker: “I don’t need a husband to get some sausage”
Roadhog: “This little piggy loves to eat some sausage”
Zenyatta: “I’m an omnic, but can I still take the sausage?”
Bastion: -beeping-